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St. Paul C.M.E. Church  

"A Church for all Generations"

4644 S. Dearborn St. Chicago IL 60609

Mission Statement

We, the members of Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, are committed to Hospitality that is radical, Evangelism that is community wide, Love that is Christ like and Prayer and Praise that is consistent.

Vision Statement

To be a bible-based teaching and learning multicultural center for a deepened spiritual and intimate relationship with God.

Further, to offer relevant, empowering and liberating opportunities for people young and mature to renew themselves through Worship, Bible Study, Prayer Meetings, Stewardship, Ministry, Evangelism and commitment to holistic spiritual and physical health.

Additionally, St. Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will be a productive member of the community through ministry, outreach and activism.

Finally, St. Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will continue to be an inviting presence to all who enter through our doors.